The Smartphone mainstream gets just powerful competition from China. The next blow comes from a Lenovo subsidiary brand and missed a straight right none other than Google's Nexus 5 X. We tell you why the ZUK Z1 2015 and much more is your nexus replacement, here.

While the 5 X relatively unimpressed let me nexus in the test, the ZUK Z1 has let my heart actually beat. On the outside, the mouse here bites off a thread; both devices to win any prizes. But the ZUK Z1 in the shelf elsewhere looks very nice: the price is much lower than the nexus 5X.

Still, you get a faster Smartphone with more memory, better battery life and bigger display. Also the software for who likes xiaomi mi 3 taking China phones on the grain, is quickly supplied with updates through CyanogenOS and upgraded with useful features. Consider the differences in detail.

Nexus 5 X vs. ZUK Z1: price and availability
The Google nexus 5 X is there only at select retailers and is priced quite set. All require between 479 and 529 euros for this; Depending on the store expansion, which falls out with 16 or 32 GB in any case lower as in ZUK Z1. That starts in the price comparison at just over 300 euros and has 64 GB of internal memory in any case.

Until it shows up in the price comparison, you can order the Z1 at Amazon for less than 320 euros. At ZUK sells it for less than 300 euros. So get it on the wish list and receive info about price cuts.

Nexus 5 X vs. ZUK Z1: design, processing
The nexus has 5 X design on its own predecessor from the year 2013 is based and can be externally not sure. It consists of plastic, the buttons on the side are made of metal. The display is protected by Gorilla glass 3 from scratches.

The CCCR Z1 has an aluminum frame, a curved plastic back and a glass display, whose marke remains unmentioned. It is potentially more vulnerable to scratches and signs of wear.

The CCCR Z1 is nexus larger and heavier than the 5 X, has but a 0.5 inch larger screen and a 50 percent larger battery. We have compared to it the same-size nexus 6 p, because it differs too much at the resolution and performance.

Nexus 5 X vs. ZUK Z1: performance
Surprisingly, the Z1 is faster than the nexus 5X. In our broad-based benchmark course that failed nexus mainly because of heat issues. After only a few minutes, halved the pace of his work of actually faster processor and provides noticeable performance degradation.

When the CCCR Z1 not happened, so his Snapdragon 801 (known from the Galaxy S5, OnePlus one or the HTC one M8) achieved better results. You have even more of the fast processor, because the much larger battery longer supplied him with power.

However, the LTE reception was 5 X a little better with the nexus; I must admit that to him.

Nexus 5 X vs. ZUK Z1: camera
We must keep you a real camera comparison yet guilty, but the first Vorabvergleich makes that nexus 5 X the winner. Google has revised this time the cameras as well, that eliminated the critical weaknesses of the previous were. Once again, the photo gallery with the nexus-5 X test images.

The battery of the CCCR Z1 is one and a half times the size, and that is reflected also in the run-time of the Phablets. Continuous gamblers can with him all day long play and forget at night to recharge their cell phones - and the alarm goes off the next day still reliably.

Both smartphones are charged via the type C connector (the new USB standard). It increases the charge current; the Z1 is ready in less than two hours again for two days. The nexus 5 X opts for quick batch of Qualcomm, which instills operating within ten minutes of charge for four hours.

In neither of the two devices, you can replace the battery without craftsmanship.

Nexus 5 X vs. ZUK Z1: software
Google launched the nexus series, to create a unified test platform for its Android operating system. These devices are for two years with patches and provided another year (now monthly) with security updates (here read following details to this rule). The devices can also easily with third-party firmware liven up and retrieve related accidents thanks to the factory image from the realm of the dead.

Whether ZUK to catch up here can, is still in limbo. But it's software technically commendable position than rivals such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony and co. This succeeds but not under its own power, but in the form of outsourcing. The software takes in the case of the Z1 cyanogen Inc.

This company arose from the open-source community to the free, free third-party firmware CyanogenMod. So far, the MOD and the Inc. operating system are largely identical cyanogen OS. Especially the OS is enriched to some features and better apps and options for enhanced privacy. It is important for you: it is regularly maintained and is inferior to the Google Android in terms of safety in nothing.

And here you have often still looking up even with renowned brand devices from Sony, honor, Xiaomi and the rest. Therefore, ZUK here has hit two birds with one stone: it I don't even have to worry about the software and has satisfied an important weakness of other smartphone vendors.

But, in terms of the rescue tyres potential of the factory images from Google, is for the time being without alternative to the nexus 5X. Us is so far not known that you get support by CCCR, if software experiments fail.

Nexus 5 X vs. ZUK Z1: conclusion
The nexus 5 X is intended for software experiments and has in all other categories better alternatives. The CCCR Z1 will be one of them. Especially the arguments software and battery can it loose keep up with, if not even pass.

The CCCR Z1 due to its cheap price, with which it may be 2015 claims the best price/performance ratio is interesting.

The quality suffers from a low price?
Until a few months ago, one could say that the build quality and the materials used comply with not the level of the Korean competition. But can one today not so leave this claim. The OnePlus X, the Xiaomi Mi4 and the MI touch Pro have shown that the Chinese Smartphone manufacturers in quality have caught up the processing, haptics and materials very strongly to the establishment of Samsung, Sony and LG. Price you are but because of the above mentioned points even among those of smartphones in Korea, the United States or Japan.

So, the hardware, there is no reason to grab more, not to a China Smartphone. The software but it is. Almost all smartphones from the Middle Kingdom are with a heavily customized Android delivered, by the look of here strongly at iOS reminds.

Who when buying an Android Smartphone on speedy updates is off, which is not found in the China smartphones. Only a few exceptions, such as honor 6.0 Marshmallow have announced already an update on Android.

The rest of the China Smartphone manufacturer, it looks there already gloomier. MIUI of Xiaomi has for example never really interested what version of Android from Google is up to date. MIUI has its own annual rhythm to 12 months behind the update cycle in depends on Google. If that doesn't bother you, then you should look outside the box and pull even China smartphones into consideration.

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